Ashley & Jamal's Royal Baby Shower

Ashley and Jamal's baby shower was one to remember. From the details and décor to the food, it was amazing; and if you know me, you know I love to eat, so that did it for me! They held their baby shower at the luxurious Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, VA which was the perfect place for the theme. If you've ever visited the Jefferson Hotel, you will notice why it was the perfect theme.

The website describes the rooms as "Residential luxury" and boasts in its "finely crafted details" and "rich fabrics." We were in the "Empire Room"; upon walking in, you would have thought you just walked into a king's dining hall. I loved the glass chandeliers, golden drapes, and English columns that complimented the elegant ceiling carvings and sumptuous carpeting.

The cake table consisted of a three-tier cake decked with a crown at the top and different shaped cookies. Also, they included candy as well to go along with the cookies as favors.

The table also featured hand-drawn and -painted canvas lettering by AngeliCreations (who specializes in custom designed artwork). The letters spelled out the baby's name, Kingston, and had various royal themed patterns and designs drawn and painted on them. 

We even got a chance to snap a few maternity photos and take advantage of the beautiful hallway just outside of the Empire Room.

The games were exciting and interactive and kept everyone from getting comfortable at the food table! I am so excited for Ashley and Jamal and know they will be great parents!  

Check out the highlight photos below!