3 Biblical Principles To Finding Success

We all want to be successful. We read self-help books, watch the latest webinars on how to build a profitable business online, and listen to the top-rated podcasts about what it takes to become rich and wealthy. Many of these different sources have become repetitive stating the same old basic "techniques" and end up charging you for more "in-depth" assistance for achieving success. But what they fail to mention is that not everyone will have the same results and ninety-nine percent of the time you will end up hitting a dead end and back at square-one. You can work as hard as you want to, but truth be told those methods probably don't work and never will. Success is sold to the hopeless with a huge return of investment for those who are selling it! In this post, I'm going to list and define three biblical principles you need to find success. There are many principles to finding success, but I guarantee these three will help you get started achieving your goals!

1. If The Lord Is Not At The Center Of It, Your Work Will Be in Vain.

1 If the Lord does not build a house,
then those who build it work in vain.
If the Lord does not guard a city,
then the watchman stands guard in vain.
2 It is vain for you to rise early, come home late,
and work so hard for your food.
Yes, he can provide for those whom he loves even when they sleep.
- Psalm 127:1-2 (NET)

Jesus must be the foundation of everything we do. Before you build a house, you have to check the land to make sure it's a strong enough foundation to be built on. The greatest foundation we can rely on is Christ. He provides all we need and guides us in the direction we are to go. There is no greater blessing in finding success knowing that through it all, we are in His will and He's the one setting up the success in our lives as we follow Him.

2. Be Diligent In Your Work.

4 Lazy people always want things but never get them. Those who work hard get plenty.
- Proverbs 13:4 (ERV)

You cannot cut corners when it comes to being successful. Always looking for the easy way out has no value and won't amount to anything in the long run. We have to work hard In everything that we do especially when we put God's name on it. In high school, I made excellent grades. Always was on top of my work and made sure I excelled beyond my best. When I reached college, somehow the hard work switch was turned off; someone must have brushed passed it and flipped it to the off position. I was lazy and it showed in my grades. I didn't work as hard as I should have until I reached my junior year and my GPA was close to dropping below a 2.5 and almost losing my scholarship. Being diligent secures us from any potentiality of falling behind and missing the mark of achieving our goals. Hard work does take discipline, but you will never get there if you continue to allow laziness to rule your life.

3. Always Be Willing To Give.

24 Some people give freely and gain more; others refuse to give and end up with less.
- Proverbs 11:24 (ERV)

I believe this is the most important of the three. Being a follower of Christ, one of the greatest characteristics we can display is love. A way we can express that love is by giving. Giving and sharing of resources, time, or encouragement. Volunteering your services for a greater purpose. We must be ready to give just as much as God has given to us. And I'm not referring to the little 10% we drop in the offering basket every Sunday morning either. I mean full-blown, willingness to serve and give any amount of resources if needed, most importantly without reluctance. Always ready and never looking for anything in return whether that be financially or praise. So often we can be so consumed with our growth and receiving help from others that we forget to give back, but some of our greatest blessings come from giving. Be intentional about giving!

As a business owner, I'm finding out that these principles are paramount in my growth as a business person and believer. The more I follow these three principles, the more wisdom and knowledge I gain. More doors are opened and all of my needs are provided. My prayers are being answered and I can see success at the horizon. Are you ready for success?!

- JaMahl