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Keys To A Succesful Photo Shoot: Have Fun!

I didn't always like taking pictures or being in front of any camera. It was nerve wrecking! But as I started to photograph others, I realized that one of my issues were that I didn't know how to relax.

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3 Biblical Principles To Finding Success

As a business owner, I'm finding out that these principles are paramount in my growth as a business person and believer. The more I follow these three principles, the more wisdom and knowledge I gain. More doors are opened and all of my needs are provided.

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When it's time to start saying, "No."

If you're like me, you came to a point in your life where you were miserable and tired of following the same cycle. Then you were confronted with continuing the cycle or just saying, "No." I decided to say No and live the life God created me to live.

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