Done already? 3 Tips to Stay Motivated for Achieving Your New Year's Goals


Typically around the beginning and middle of March, the New Year's resolution excitement dies down and things get back to normal. Gyms become destitute, budgets fall apart, and the dream of becoming who you desire yourself to be, becomes a nightmare. But this doesn't have to be my or your story!

Year after year I see the same cycle with a few people making it through the tough terrain of consistency and others returning back to Comfort Land. The things we desire most will take effort and hard-work to accomplish, but they aren't impossible. Here are 3 tips that can help us all make it to the end of the year and celebrate milestones!

1. Set Specific Goals

Don't just write down what you want to accomplish for the year; get REALLY specific. Maybe not too specific, but enough that helps you to track your progress and to make adjustments if needed. When you write down what you want to accomplish, also jot down some ideas of small steps that'll help you accomplish that big goal. Also, schedule specific dates for your goals to be reached and stick to them!

2. Create Accountability

What's more challenging than letting someone in on what you plan to accomplish for the year and having them periodically check up on you to make sure you're progressing in what you've set for yourself? It's easy to fall back into old ways when you don't have someone watching you and end up losing momentum and even the drive to complete what you've started. Find a gym partner, join a book club, or just tell a friend who wants to see you accomplish your goals just as much as you want for yourself.

3. Reward yourself

When you reach those small milestones, celebrate your efforts with a reward! It's okay to reward yourself for doing well, but don't go overboard! The temptation to get off track and lose focus is always behind you whispering in your ear for you to come back to Comfort Land by way of Inconsistency Highway.

Enjoy the journey and have fun! What's easily obtained doesn't have the same value as something you have to work for. I believe in you and are rooting for you to make the necessary changes, get back on the horse, and ride towards victory!


With love and peace, in Jesus' name.

- JaMahl