Keys To A Succesful Photo Shoot: Have Fun!

Photo shoots can be a breeze for some people. They know what to wear, know where they want to have their pictures taken, know what specific poses they want, and the type of look they want in their photos. Then for some, it doesn't come that easy. The biggest point I believe that those people to simply have fun!

I know, I know; most people are used to the typical J.C. Penny's or Portrait Innovations session where you take a few poses, put on a forced smile, and in about 15 minutes you're done. But that's not how a photo shoot should work! Photo shoots are more than just picture taking, it's about the experience. Whether you're with your family, significant other, or just having portraits taken of yourself you earned the right to have fun and enjoy every minute of your session. We should enjoy everything we voluntarily pay for right?

Here are a few tips that can help you have fun at your next session:



I didn't always like taking pictures or being in front of any camera. It was nerve wrecking! But as I started to photograph others, I realized that one of my issues were that I didn't know how to relax. I really felt myself tense up at times! You don't have to do the "best" poses. Just be yourself and remain natural. Going into a session, relaxed, will help a ton with getting natural posed photos and not driving home with a knot in your shoulders.

Bring props!

Props help with the enjoyment of the session as well. When your focus isn't just on looking at the camera and hoping you aren't looking weird, your focus now becomes the excitement of what the photos look like with the props. Props also add originality to your photos to help them stand out and creates a cool theme for your session.

Be a kid again!

In the past, I was always nervous to take photos of kids. I think sometimes they could smell the fear on me and take advantage of it! Attention spans are short to none and that made it almost impossible to take posed photos. But when they were playing and having fun, the candid photos were sometimes actually better than the posed! Tap into your inner child-self and allow your playfulness to take over. It's okay to be a child again especially if it helps to relax and enjoy the moment!

So at your next photo session, remember to have fun: relax, maybe bring some props, and be a kid. Your photo session doesn't have to be dreadful, matter of fact it should never be dreadful! Enjoy the experience and have fun!

- JaMahl