Richmond Christmas Parade & a reminder of what's most important in life.

I haven't attended the Richmond Christmas Parade in years! The last time I remember, I was a little boy. I was so excited to see the different characters and hopefully swindle my mom into getting me a toy from one of the street vendors (I don't think it worked).

Yesterday, I attended it with my wife and niece with my camera in hand. Whenever I'm motivated to capture images at an event, it's like I enter into a tunnel vision. My mind is racing with several thoughts jockeying for my attention all at once: there are so many people (my fellow introverts know what I mean here), where is the best view to get the best shots, watch out for these little kids, where's my niece, maybe we should head in the direction away from the sun, THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE!

Some time goes by and the parade begins. I'm practicing new techniques and setting myself up for an easier editing process. As I'm cycling through my images deleting many I don't need (there were about 750 total in an hour), my wife asked me to take a photo of her and my niece.

Something clicked at that moment and I began to think about how we, as people, can get so caught up with life and its many distractions that we lose focus on what's important. We are so consumed with the limited to no wi-fi signal and consumed with our own selfishness that we neglect the very ones who we have limited time with.

Time is something we can't get back. Choose wisely how you spend it and make the most of it when spending it with family and friends. My prayer for us all is that, not only for holidays, but all year round we cherish the moments we have with the ones we love.

Peace and love to you all, in Jesus' name.

Enjoy some views from the parade below!