Passion. Vision. Faith: Writer's Grace

I have had the idea for a while to start a blog series ("Passion. Vision. Faith.") that highlights young people who follow their God given passions to impact the Kingdom and let's just say a little word that rhymes with "tograsstination" defeated me.  In order to beat the word, which I refuse to say, that rhymes with the one above, I have to just do it! So I'm starting by introducing, Andrea H.

Andrea, also known as "Lady Dre Joy", was such a joy to photograph! I had the amazing privilege to work with this Woman of God and I couldn't be any more thankful to meet and learn from such a vibrant spirit. I met her through her husband, Kendal, who I attended college with. They both have a deep love for the Lord and it's displayed through their actions and words. As her relationship with Jesus deepened, she realized that she had a gift and passion to write.

She's an inspiration to many to live a life full of joy and grace; as she calls it, "joyfully graced". She's the author of "That Longing in Your Heart: A Study Guide for Young Ladies Searching for More" and the founder of the blog "Joyfully Graced." She serves as a mentor for the non-profit organization called "Girls in Pearls...Diamonds in the Making" as she is also one of the directors.

I love seeing young people serve Christ and pursue their passions! This lets me know that I'm not crazy...unless it means being crazy in love with God and to fulfill His purpose He placed on my life!

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